Questionnaire for Hardanger Card Club Subscribers

Were you a part of the Hardanger Card Club last year? We want your opinion!

We have a short survey that will help us in the future when we are crafting new and fun clubs for our stitching friends. Please let us know what you thought by answering our survey and sharing your thoughts with us! :)

How many of the monthly Card designs did you stitch?
How did you use the finished cards? (255 char. limit)

If you gave them away, what was the reaction? (255 char. limit)

If you kept some or all of them, did you frame them or display them? (255 char. limit)

Did you stitch extra cards?

Did you enjoy using different threads each month?

Were the instructions adequate for your skill level? (255 char. limit)

Would you subscribe to another card club if the cards themselves were:

What would you like to see in a new Hardanger Card Club that was not part of Club One? (255 char. limit)

What other types of projects would you like to see in a Hardanger Club? (255 char. limit)

Are you subscribed to the current Hardanger Bookmark Club?

  (255 char. limit)

Further comments (255 char. limit):

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